Monday, August 19, 2013

The Wild Blackthorn Coven and Grove

The Wild Blackthorn

-Coven and Grove-
The Wild Blackthorn is a Coven and Grove, forming in the Orlando, Florida area, based up the Jolean Tradition.   The tradition was originally founded in 1981, Los Angeles, CA by Lady Teara Wolfrose, and is composed of a Grove, Seekers through Dedicants, and a Coven, Initiates and above.  The Outer Court (Grove) of the Wild Blackthorn follows the blended traditions of Welsh & Irish Celtic, Gardnerian and 1734.  The Inner Court (Coven) adds the traditions of the Tuatha de Danaan.
Both the Coven and Grove are an extended family that augments the biological and love families of its members.  
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