Monday, August 19, 2013

The Wild Blackthorn Coven and Grove

The Wild Blackthorn

-Coven and Grove-
The Wild Blackthorn is a Coven and Grove, forming in the Orlando, Florida area, based up the Jolean Tradition.   The tradition was originally founded in 1981, Los Angeles, CA by Lady Teara Wolfrose, and is composed of a Grove, Seekers through Dedicants, and a Coven, Initiates and above.  The Outer Court (Grove) of the Wild Blackthorn follows the blended traditions of Welsh & Irish Celtic, Gardnerian and 1734.  The Inner Court (Coven) adds the traditions of the Tuatha de Danaan.
Both the Coven and Grove are an extended family that augments the biological and love families of its members.  
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A magickal year

A year of magick, though not always what I expect!   I have long been remiss this year in posting in my blog, however, looking from Samhain to Samhain, it has been an incredible year, it has been magickal, and it truly has been a time of endings and new beginnings.

Last Samhain, our group did, one of the most beautiful rituals, I have ever had the honor to attend.   ( I am not being biased here because we did it!)   It was a burning times ritual, written by myself, with invocations by my mentor Lionrhod. Our little group practiced hard for six months to perfect it, there was nary a dry eye in the circle.  As large group work goes (there were fourteen of us that performed that ritual)  for our local Witches Ball.  It was amazing, powerful and the best work we had ever done.  I can not say enough, about how incredible our entire group was.

From there and going forth into the new year some chaos ensued ;)  Additional responsibilities were taken on, and for some I think the weight was to much, others only shined.   However, the Gods have been very emphatic on what this year must bring,  it is time for pruning.  It began for me in May,  with a long and scary illness.  So as I began to recover in late June, the shears came out, and focus refined.   While I stepped away from many things,  I am ever the renaissance girl, there were still something's I was loathe to let go.  Without realizing, a lot of it was the source my stress.   So again the Gods were emphatic, and Nyt does not always want to listen :).  With the help of a two by four on my noggin (metaphorically speaking) I cut away the last.  They were so right,  my love and thanks to you Arianrhod and Morrighan.

So now is the time to gather my wheat from this last years planting, the chafe is well separated.   This wheat is sweet and strong.  The seeds taken  and planting readied for the coming spring.  There is much planned for this next year.  I am looking forward to it with much excitement.   With a refined focus, I am concentrating on two things, the students of my traditions  and writing. 

First my students.  As we ready initiation (possibly) of some of our Circle of the Dragon's Crystal Unfolding Students, we also ready them to teach and share that which they have and will learn.  I remember the beauty and mystery of this time, and wish them the joy of it.  May their memories made, influence them as profoundly as mine did.

My path has come from two directions, the first path which intermixes with the second in me, has all but died out in our community.  If there still exists in pockets, they are on the west coast, and far from  here.  It is with that thought, and a bit of a fear to lose it entirely, when my time comes to pass the veil, mixed with sweet memories of those days gone by, that I have decided to bring it back to our community.  I will begin seekers classes in the Jolean Tradition, The Wild Blackthorn Coven and Grove after Samhain.  (More seeds for the new year!) I will post more on it later.

Second, my book.  It has been a lifelong dream to write, both fiction and non-fiction.  Many books sit in my head, waiting to spill out onto pages.  Some are even contained here in.  So I embark on this new journey of writing, hoping that these seeds may also find dark rich soil, to grow new harvests for those readers who enjoy them. I will remain secretive on the rest for now!  However, gentle reader I hope you will  remain with me to see where this path leads.

May your own reaping and pruning, lead to the renewed and plentiful harvests to come.

So Mote It Be!