Friday, July 13, 2012

Charge of the Maiden Goddess

Listen now to the words of the Bright Maiden. She of old, who was called ;
Brigidh, Artemis, Minerva, Idunn, Rhiannon, Blodeuwedd, Parvati, Chang 'e, Kore,
Eostre and by many other names.
I am the first light of the dawn that sweeps away weariness and banishes indifference.
I am the promise of spring jutting from beneath the soft warm blankets of snow.
Life renewed.
I am the hatching egg opening from infinite potential to choose a path and
destiny all my own.
I am innocence coupled with wild abandon and lively curiosity that blow the dust off
stale knowledge.
I am the young flame that sparks inspiration, fueling a spirit of creativity and discovery.
By my hand the beauty of your art, poetry, music and smith craft burst free.
When my song fills your heart you will know me.
I am enchantment, excitement and the carefree erotic aura that send men and Gods preening.
I am the huntress running free through the woods in pursuit of my quarry, my hounds at my side.
Perhaps it is you I chase.
I am the laughter bubbling from your lips, the bright passion ignited in your heart,
I am love, new, fresh and all consuming.  The green earth trembles with desire in my wake.
Whenever you have need of me, gather when the moon glows as a new silvery crescent, drawn
from the long darkness.
Know that freedom and independence born from self responsibility are gifts given to
those who call my name.
I pour forth my blessings upon you.  From me endings transform into magickal new beginnings.
Take these unto you and dedicate yourself anew, inspired, creative, strong, powerful, compassionate,
honorable, beautiful and loved.  For I am with you always.
~Nyt 7/12


The Gods seem to have been at it again !  I had been working on writing ritual for a moon, and the Maiden decided that I needed a bit of inspiration.  She has been very vocal with me this year!

Thank You My Lady for you spark of inspiration!  Thank you also to Janet Farrar for some of the imagery contained there in!