Thursday, June 28, 2012

Invocation of the Sun King

By the Sun that burneth birght!
O' Great One!
We call thy name into the Light!
O' Brilliant One
thee we invoke by sun kissed shore
By arid deserts and lightened moors.
Thee we invoke where gather thine own
In groves once sacred, forgotten, alone
Come where your praises are whispered and sang!
Your altars are dressed from stones to stang!
By the sunlit meadows and the rounded green hills
Where the crops are bursting and the gardens filled
come to the charm of the chanted prayer
As the sun warms the blustering air
Evoke thy powers, that potent bide
In glistening lakes and Ocean Tides
From fiery flames of sunlite heat
In the brilliant balefire, O'er which we leaped
Come! O' come!
The drum beats rung
Come to us who gather below
As the disk through the sky rides but slow
As the willows sway and the birds sing sweet
We dance they round, glistening in the heat.
We speak they spell, chant thy prayer
From Sabbet to Sabbet ! For you we dare!
Brightest of the gods, on thee we call,
Blessing be on they creatures All!

With the coming of the Solstice, I thought this was a perfect time to share this invocation!

Just a little background on it. My first High Priestess Lady Teara Wolfrose, taught the iconic battle between the Sun King/ Oak King and the Horned One/ Holly King on the equinoxes as opposed to the Solstices. Yes I know, it is very different from the rest of the traditions. The line of thinking with this move, was that both Kings strength and power were equal at this time of year, and the battle could go either way! (Although we know it is a fixed fight). This made more sense to me, as opposed to the weak (new) King beating the strong ruling King at his apex of power. (Not that we have not seen that in real life).

I can hear you thinking, what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

Stay with me here for a moment, while I explain.

My favorite invocation will always be Doreen Valiente's Invocation of the Horned One. Here I will share it with you, if you are unfamiliar with it.

By the flame that burneth Bright!
O Horned One!
We call thy name into the Night!
O Ancient One!
Thee we invoke, by moon led sea,
By standing Stone and Twisted Tree
Thee we Invoke, where gather thin own,
By nameless shrine, forgotten, and alone.
Come where the round of the dance is trod
Hoof and Horn of the Goat Foot God!
By moonlit meadow on Dusky Hill.
When the hunted wood is hushed and still.
Come to the charm of the chanted prayer
As the moon bewitches the midnight air
Evoke thy powers, that potent bide
In shining stream and secret tide
In fiery flame, by starlight pale
In the shadowy host that rides the gale
And by the fern- drakes fairy haunted
Of forests wild and woods enchanted
Come O come!
To the heartbeat's drum!
Come to those who gather below
When the broad white moon is climbing slow
Through the stars to the heavens height
We hear thy hoofs on the winds of night!
As black tree branches shake and sigh
By joy and terror we know thee nigh.
We speak the spell, thy power unlocks
As solstice, sabbat and equinox.
Words of virtue, the veil to rend
From Primal Dawn to the wide worlds end.
Eldest of the gods on thee we Call!
Blessings be on thy creatures all!

It is powerful is it not! I am sure you see the similarities already. I wrote my invocation for a public Mabon at OPC (which was then the WRCF) in 2000. My invocation was written as a companion invocation to Doreens Valiente's, as we called in both the Sun King and the Horned One to take up their weapons and meet in battle, for supremacy over the year.

It is my hope that you will enjoy it. After the many years, I still use it, it is incredibly powerful and perfect for Drawing down the Sun.

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