Thursday, June 28, 2012


I must apologize for such a long lapse in writing, however this year has seen so many changes  and so much activity,  that my down time usually translates to sleep :)

I continue to be in awe and amazed at our little community as well as the growth and relationships that are forming.

Beltane, was our very first public Sabbat.  Our group  Circle of the Sublime Elm, host a public Beltane for the Orlando Pagan Collective.  It was beautiful!  I want to thank all of the Sublime Elms who worked so hard to make it truly maginifcent and inspiring.  Thank you also to the members of OPC (Orlando Pagan Collective)  who welcomed us with open arms.  We love you all and look forward to building our budding friendships!

For Litha we stepped out of our respective comfort zones, and celebrated the Solstice Polynesian style!  In the middle of a Hurricane :P   (She was stalled off the coast).  Our Kahuna and Kahuna- Wahine (Priest and Priestess) were magickal.  Our Kahuna-Wahine was responsible for writing the ritual, as well as the beautiful recitation of the chant in Hawaiian.  She worked very hard on it , and I have to give her all the credit!

Finally I have two other major projects in the works.  The first is my next class.  One of my students, after our tradition class in ethics and the Wiccan Rede, asked me to go through the Rede, line by line with him.  From that mentoring session came the idea for the blog on the Rede.  Truly I had thought it might take up a couple of discussions.  I never dreamed it would amount to the research and channeling  that it has entailed.  So it has worked it's way into a major class series.  Which I will begin on August 27th.  and perhaps there will still more to come of it............... .

Lastly, and by the far the most time consuming and labor of love is Samhain.   Last year, we had this wild idea, that we wanted to do a public Samhain.  So we started with building a ritual, that could possibly carry it. We opened it up as a test on more of a semi public level at our temple.  It was a great success!  So this year, we have taken the same rough outline from last years Samhain and filled it in, with some amazing detail.  ( My thanks to my mentor Lemur for our incrediable invocations.)  We have been practicing since the end of May.  (lol yes you heard me right ;P).  What is stunning to me, is that during our practices,  it truly brings me to tears.  Thank you to our Sublime Elms, you are such inspirational people, and you truly are family!  I can never describe how much I love you!

So if you are in the Central Florida area, Do Join us for our Samhain 2012:  "Shadows of the Ancestors" Witches Masque and Ball.  We journey back together, to the Burning Times.

As you can see my plate has been a bit full ;)  Please forgive me for the lapse in the Blog, but an amazing year has been happening!

Much Love and Light,

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