Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wiccan Rede: By the Lady Blessed Be

(This is a continuing discussion line by line of the full Wiccan Rede.  See the first post in February for the full rede and beginning of the discussion.)

Heed ye flower, bush and tree. By the Lady, Blessed Be

Heed ye flower, bush and tree

The word heed is an interesting choice here.  According to Merriam- Webster it means literally to pay careful attention to.  Why is it so important to pay careful attention to plants?   You can actually approach this two ways.  First, understand that plants and trees are the subjects of which element?  Ahem.... Earth!  Excellent.  As subjects of said element, they are metaphors for her as well.  

Earth, Gaia, is a LIVING planet with which we live in a symbiotic relationship.  We are the cells to her planetary body.  As  sentient beings, (likening us to brain cells), it is our responsibility to provide stewardship to our lady.  We realize, or should realize what consequence our  actions have our the earth.    In recent years we have heard spoken, in the news the concept of our ecological  footprints upon the earth.   The ecological footprint specifically measures humanities demand on nature. 

The ecological footprint estimates the amount of land and ocean required to sustain your consumption patterns and absorb your waste on an annual basis.  As stewards of the earth, it is our responsibility to lessen the impact we have on nature.  To pay careful attention to what the consequences of our actions are, and to work towards correcting the damage done by others.  This can be as simple as using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels, composting your waste, utilizing woven reusable fabric bags at stores instead of plastic and paper.

So in essence, paying attention to our own impact on nature and the earth, is paying her heed.  Treading lightly, through out our life, treating nature as the Goddess she is.  That spark of the divine, which is in all things, from each of us, to every trees, plant, seed, stone and speck of sand.   This also brings us to a second way of looking at the rede.

 As we said all things carry within them a spark of the divine.  Each an energy and yes sentience of it's own.  If you don't believe me spend some time with a rock !  The energies are very apparent, after meditating with one, you will also realize there is a  sentience.  While not as rapidly processing as our own, understand it is something which has existed for millions of years, with processes much slower than our own.  The point being that each plant, flower and tree has something to teach.  From understanding the correspondences when working within the craft, to opening yourself to their individual lessons through meditation.  There is much we can learn from our the other cells of our Mother Earth.  So do pay them heed.

By the Lady Blessed Be

Quite simply,  by honoring our Mother Earth, paying careful attention to how we tread upon her.  By working to lessen the impact we leave as a species, restoring the oceans and protecting species endangered as consequence to our modern life.  We will reap the blessing of our Lady.  From clean water, to bountiful plant life, refreshing out atmosphere, and sharing our home with all the species which make her truly special, we will realize how blessed we are by her.  Through understanding our relationship with our fellow plants, stone and brethern of fur and scale we will truly move in tune with nature, as part of her, instead of  the parasitic existence that many of us employ today.

Let us work together to preserve and honor our Lady, and in doing so reaping her bountiful blessings.

(next blog: Let Love and Trust be our guides again.)

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