Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Invocation to Bride

Invocation to Bride

Drawing to a close, now is the shadowy night
Twinkling and bright, O’ Morning Star light
Dapples with dew, like glistening cold jewels.
From deep within thy villages, and out amongst thy rurals

Quiet is the forest, subdued is the glade
Perched upon a whisper, balanced upon the blade.
Yet from the dark comes the promise of the new day,
Tucked within a black cloak, mane golden as the flame.

Early yet late, when only insane or artists dare tred
Driven by a passion, hunger longing to be fed.
You stir us from our cradles and yank us from our beds,
Drawn by your single candle, down a path we have longed to be led.

By and ancient faery well, stand you and waits
A lone figure upon whom the black cloak is draped
Eyes blue, twin flames burning bright
Flames to match your candle, against the dark is your light.

You are inspiration and passion, a muse to the guilds
You are the healer and the crafter, we are the students to your will.
Mercurial and intuitive, elusive and free.
You are the dusk before the dawn, and the sapling to the tree.

Bride! O’ Bride!
Maiden of the Dawn!
Lover of Creation!
Lady do we long!

Fill us! Mold us! Inspire us to be!
Greater than ourselves, fillers of the need.
~Nyt 2000

I wrote this invocation many moons ago, quite by chance, or perhaps a goddess.  I was working one day, with a bit of free time on my hands.  I had been preparing for my dedication to the Draconian Path.  As one of my assignments, I had to write an invocation for a god or goddess  that I might have an affinity towards.  After many years of study and training on the path, I had finally met a Patron, during my seekers studies.  To my delight and surprise it was Thor.  However, that story is best saved for other discussions. Usually words come easily for me, however on this day I was struggling.  I sent a small plea to the universe for a little inspiration!  Inspiration came!  Spilling forth, like a waterfall of emotions.  I could not write as fast as it came.  When I was done, I read what I had written, and my beloved Patron was not there.  Yet this Goddess who was a stranger to me, stared back, springing to life from the words.  While she is not a patroness for me, she does on ocassion make her presence felt, (smiles) .

This invocation , ever remains one of my favorites, not because I wrote it.  It remains a favorite, because it is pure, unadulterated inspiration! Raw! Exciting! Devouring! Now and then, I will still use it, on a new moon, or perhaps even an Imbolc celebration.  When I begin speaking the words, the world slips away, the feelings coarse through my body, and I am there, before her.  For those moments, she is within me, and in within her, we are one.   I can hear the echo of her hammer, the ringing of her voice, the elusivness of her spirit, the maiden incarnate.

May your day be filled with her joy and inspiration!
~Blessed Be

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